Thursday, 30 August 2012

Copper'ize Me Layered Over Red!

Hello everyone! Today is another manicure that I did a couple of weeks ago because I am putting off showing you my now massacred nails. 

Sadly after a couple more broke, I couldn’t deal with them all being different lengths and cut them all down to the length of the shortest nail. They literally couldn’t be any shorter. I hate them so much but sometimes that’s the way it goes, they will grow back! 


All I did was start off with a base of Revlon’s Valentine then added a couple of coats of Essence Special Effect Topper in Copper’ise Me.


I absolutely love this combination! I love the way that the gold shimmer stands out against the red and how the blue glitter contrasts against the base colour. It also looks great matte but I didn’t show that here because my matte top coat has started drying with white bits on for no reason. Maybe it’s just getting old.




I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!


  1. Very pretty glitter polish!! I like the green pieces in there... Work well with the red. :)

  2. Mine are short too, I want them all to grow together! I really love how you used the topper, it was the only one I didn't get and I want it!

    1. Yours will probably grow before mine do, mine grow so slowly and there is literally nothing left! I love this one too. I really want the Mr and Mrs Glitter one that I saw on your blog x


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