Friday 3 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 3 Chic

Today is day 3 of the 15 day nail challenge! It is being run by Fee from Makeup Savvy, details can be found here. I will only be participating on a couple of days because my blog is brand new and I have other priorities but this seems like too much fun to pass on! Here is a list of which theme is on which day:


I knew that for the Chic day I wanted to do something simple and classic, however it didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to. I still like the end result but I feel like it would have been better if the accent nail was completely covered with the pearls :( 

I used two coats of the base colour which is a pinky greige colour from an Accessorize nail set around Christmas time. I then placed the little half pearls individually onto the ring finger to create an accent nail. The top coat was a bit bubbly on the ring finger. I probably should have skipped top coat altogether on that nail!

I will be participating in the next couple of days at least so please come back to see my other designs! Thank you for reading!

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