Monday 13 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 13 Film Inspired

I am sorry about not posting yesterday, I was extremely busy and forgot to prepare a post. I will be participating from now until the end of the challenge though! Today’s nails are inspired by the film Ice Age! I know that it is aimed at children but I really like it, especially Scrat!

The white icy tip is meant to represent the ice (of course!) and on the ring finger there is an acorn which needs no explanation! 

The base colour is Barry M – Blueberry Ice Cream then I painted Color Club – White onto the tips in lines to create the feel of cracked ice. Then I sponged a tiny bit of a very light grey onto the white to give some shadow then finally added some of Colour Club – Covered in Diamonds to the white to give the effect of ice crystals!



The acorn was made on a plastic food bag with several polishes mixed together to create the correct colours. It could do with being a tiny bit smaller but overall I am happy with the outcome! It is far from perfect but I think it is quite cute.




I made the mistake of doing these nails last night and then going to bed when they weren’t fully dry which meant that the polish at the tips crinkled a little bit but this isn’t very noticeable due to the flakes of glitter!



I am looking forward to tomorrow’s theme which is dots and sadly the penultimate day of the challenge :(


 Thank you for reading!


  1. These are cute :) I love the ice tips and the acorn.

    Fee x

  2. Such an adorable design! Love the acorn detail :)

    xx, maria veronica.

  3. I instantly knew this was Ice Age - love it!

  4. They look beautiful, I love them! Great idea and you did a fantastic job xx


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