Monday, 12 November 2012

NOTD - Catrice - Steel My Soul

Hello everyone! VERY long time no speak and I can only apologise for that. I have been so so busy with school and just life in general. I was planning to get a load of posts prepared in half term so that I could post more regularly but then I went on a last minute trip to Germany and didn’t get any posts done and then I was on a school trip etcetcetc… Anyway! Seeing as I get basically no time in the week to take decent pictures, I thought I would at least post something and since I paint my nails almost daily, I thought I could do nail of the day posts. Hopefully this will keep my blog going until I find a bit more time to do some proper posts, thank you for bearing with me!

While in Germany I picked up a few new polishes (of course!) but sadly since I was only travelling with hand luggage I was only able to bring 8 home with me (boo!), I will show them to you over the next few weeks. Today I am wearing Steel My Soul from Catrice which I think is new.



It has a ‘brushed metal effect’ which I would say describes the polish well – it dries matte and kind of rough but in a nice way.  Here I am wearing two coats, formula was fine. The new brush is horrible and very hit and miss. For example, this one is far nicer than the brush in Genius in the Bottle but still pretty bad. The photos are as true to life as I could get but it is slightly darker and greyer. I love how the matte effect really brings out the gold shimmer.



Thank you for reading, hopefully now I can start to post more regularly!


  1. This polish is gorg!! Can you tell me where in Germany you bought it? My parents currently live there and I would like to see if my mom can find it for me. Thanks!

    1. Catrice is available from Budnikowsky, DM and Rossmann and I guess a few other places. I would suggest getting it quick though because I know they are changing their core polish line in the next few months and I am not sure if this is being discontinued - hopefully not! x


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